Wedding Veils

The tradition of wearing of a veil on your wedding day stretches back to antiquity. For the contemporary bride, the veil is a stylish addition to her total wedding look, and has a transformative role as the day segues from ceremony to reception. Find your perfect wedding veil with The House of St. Patrick; from short and simple to long and regal, finished with fine embroidery or minimalist in butter soft tulle. Don’t forget to accessorize your veil with a headpiece such as a tiara or crown to keep it in place throughout your dream day.

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  1. VEIL LA22

    Wonderful tulle veil decorated with floral lace appliques that cascade down the back.

  2. VEIL LA21

    Spectacular tulle veil decorated with floral lace and embroidered appliques and beading details.

  3. VEIL LA19

    Beautiful short tulle veil with triple-bow detail and beading applique.

  4. V LA07

    Beautiful tulle veil in the classic, traditional style, where the transparency of the fabric accentuates the spectacular look.

  5. V LA06

    Beautiful long tulle veil studded with pearls. A design that marries tradition with a much bolder touch.

  6. V LA05

    Beautiful tulle veil that matches the fabric to create a multi-layered effect and enhance the bride's look.

  7. V LA04

    A wonderful tulle veil with sparkling glimmers, ideal for a much more glamorous look.

  8. V LA02

    Spectacular extra-long tulle veil with lace appliques that decorate the entire veil, especially clustering around the bottom.

  9. V LA01

    Beautiful low veil in tulle with floral lace details, 3D effect and glimmers of beading.


    Classic-style tulle veil combined with lace appliques and glimmers of beading which cascade all around the fabric.

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